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Uni-Obsessed! The Wrapup-Week 3

Hey all, back with another round of Uni wrapups. Vote for your favorite matchup in the poll below. Lets look at The Good, The Bad and The Never Should Ever Be Worn Again:

Boise State vs. Toledo:



More after the jump:

Colorado State vs. Colorado



Wyoming vs. Bowling Green



University of Louisiana-Monroe vs TCU



Texas Tech vs. New Mexico



Washington St vs SDSU



Hawaii vs UNLV



Now that we have finished with the previews: lets take a look at my personal top 3/bottom 1 pick:

NUMBER 3: I have to go with TTU/UNM here. Texas Tech just has a really clean away looking uniform and no matter how bad the Lobos are, at least they look stylish while losing. To me, for UNM, they're at a lose/lose situation in administration and football, but they are a win/win for current uniforms.

NUMBER 2: Has to be the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Even with the goofy looking fade ram horns on CSU's sleeve, there's no doubt that this uni-matchup continues to be a classic for the ages.

NUMBER 1: First time my alma mater is on this list, and boy what a good week. Toledo may have lost the game but i can't get enough of the "Space Mountain" look from their unis. BSU's unis are splended as always (especially with the orange pants) and the only downside that there is was that they didn't use the blue pro-combat helmet with this matchup.

Honorable non-MWC (but former MWC matchup) game: The Holy War. Home vs. Home uni. /drops mic

Ugly Uni Matchup of the week: Wyoming vs. Bowling Green, flat out because of Bowling Green's ugly orange/white combo. Seriously, the only way it could get worse is if it was Clemson. Wyoming's unis look fine, I like them a lot.

Time for your vote, and also, if you would like to submit your top 3/bottom 1 in the article with me, shoot me an email: