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Future Mountain West Teams, News and Notes: Quarterback Controversy Brewing at Nevada

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I'm late getting this up, but better late than never I suppose. I should be able to get these out sooner in the coming weeks, though I may miss one here and there. Let's jump in.

Nevada Wolf Pack

Ault: Cody Fajardo to get playing time in the Texas Tech game

"Cody (Fajardo) is going to get some more time, a lot more time, this week," said Ault of his red-shirt freshman. "I should have played him last week."


"Tyler will start," said Ault, referring to Saturday’s game at Texas Tech. "But Cody will play."

Well, that didn't take long. Ault is not known for his patience and has shown a preference to play the eventual starter in the past, so Lantrip was already on thin ice. Struggling against San Jose State is not the way to hold onto the starting job.

I had a hunch this would happen eventually, but did not think it would be this soon. What looks to be developing now is something of a two quarterback system, but look for Fajardo to be handed the reigns sometime in the near future. Fajardo received some playing time in the Oregon game and looked good before throwing an ugly pick. If he can minimize his mistakes in the coming weeks, I could see him being named the starter prior to the UNLV game. He should be fine running the ball, but how he does in the passing game remains to be seen, and he'll need that to keep the defense honest. This will be especially true versus Boise's defensive front.

Back up WR L.J. Washington kicked off of football team for repeated rules violations

Mid week last week Washington was booted off the football team for repeated rules violations.

"He just dug himself too deep of a hole," Wolf Pack coach Chris Ault said. "When that last stone was turned, it was turned. That’s just how it is."

It's a shame too, as Washington had some decent upside as a player and the Wolf pack are searching for someone to step up and take some pressure off of #1 WR Rishard Matthews. In response to the move, true freshman RB Kendall Brock will be moved to WR for the remainder of the year.

This week: @ Texas Tech 4:00 pm PST (Saturday)

Fresno State Bulldogs

Fresno looking to get back on track for WAC opener versus Idaho this week.

The beginning of the season has been rocky so far for the Bulldogs, as the team has struggled each week after coming into the year with WAC title hopes. As the O-line gets situated and as Carr gains more experience I think Fresno will still put together a decent season, but they're looking pretty shaky right now. As Coach Hill says in the article, this game is a must-win and will be a vital confidence booster for the team heading into the Ole Miss and Boise St games.

24 Fresno State players allegedly involved in a welfare scandal

Rebelfan1 had a story on this here. Nothing new on the story so far from what I can tell, but I'll try and find some updates to post here as news comes out about it. An unfortunate development for the Bulldogs heading into a new conference, as sanctions will likely be on their way.

This week: @ Idaho 2:00 pm PST (Saturday)

Hawaii Warriors

Hawaii fell prey to the UNLV Rebels this past week, losing 40-20

As you've probably heard by now, UNLV pulled off an upset over 3 touchdown favorite Hawaii last Saturday. Rebelfan1 had a fantastic game recap found here if you missed it. I've had my doubts about Hawaii this year given the lack of running game and the losses at WR from last year, and those seemed to come to a head this past week. Although they emerged as the potential WAC favorite in the first few weeks, this game left them looking vulnerable. The WAC race should be fun to watch this year, as there is no clear favorite so far.

This week: UC Davis 9:00 pm PST (Saturday)