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Conference Realignment: Air Force Could Join Big East By Weeks End, According To Rick Pitino

The Air Force to Big East as football-only rumors and reports are heating up and the latest is coming from Louisville Cardinal basketball head coach Rick Pitino who is saying that Navy and Air Force will join the Big East by the end of this week. Hearing this from a basketball coach is a bit odd and some what humorous, however Pitino also went on to reiteriate that Navy and Air Force were targets for the Big East before Pitt and Syracuse decided to go to the Big East.

This is the most definitive statement about Navy and Air Force joining the Big East. Prior reports have said the schools have been contacted by the Big East and possibly being on board to joining the Big East. Navy has no issue joining since they are a football independent so there is no issue with their other sports as they are part of the Patriot League.

However, as mentioned before a landing spot for Air Force's other sports is a concern, because it is unlikely the Mountain West would allow Air Force to stay in the league if they are not playing football.

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