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MWConnection Staff Roundtable: Week 3

Aren't you all glad that I actually manage to get something up on time?

This week, we ask the difficult questions (okay, not so difficult) and we dare to challenge the football gods (in saying that, I've captured your attention for at least 3 more seconds than you would of had reading this introduction). Follow me after the jump, as we send our staff members into the debater's gauntlet. Will there be a consensus of opinion? Will someone make a bold and dashing statement? Am I lying just to make you all read this? Follow me Xavi-ramos-argument_medium


We're three weeks into the season: which team looks the most complete team after two games? (BSU won't be eligible for this one)

pack_fan: As long as TCU's defense continues to recover from week 1 they're the easiest answer here. I think Air Force will bounce back and still have a good year.

Ben Findley: N/A. Besides Boise State there is no "complete" team in the MWC. TCU has a secondary just begging to be buttered and served with a nice apricot jam. SDSU doesn't have anyone for Lindley to throw the ball to (8 completions to 3 people against ARMY of all teams!??!?!). AFA just allowed a QB making his second career start to complete 80 percent of his passes.

bluesyourdaddy: The most complete team other than BSU is TCU. The Baylor loss was in the first quarter of their season but they are rolling once again. They looked awesome in their route of Air Force.

BHSMarine: Tough question without including BSU. I will go with SDSU. The offense is for real still. Many defenses struggle against the triple option so I won't fault them to much. Hillman and Lindley can make up for some defensive mistakes so I will go with them.

airforcetwo: I have to go with TCU. Granted Air Force made many mistakes that took them out of the game on Saturday, but of the remainder of the conference, they are the closest to being complete. Boise is by far and away the best team in the conference, but Gary Patterson will get his Horned Frogs running smoothly in no time.

Rebelfan1: The only complete team I see in this league is BSU, but since they're ineligible, I'll go with SDSU. The Aztecs only true weak spot is receiver and the defense could have their trouble credited to the 4 hour night of sleep and the fact that they were facing the Triple Option.

Jeremy Mauss: No one really. I guess I could say San Diego State or TCU. San Diego State has issues on defense in the running game, plus they need to find a receiver to step since they are working with walk-on's, JUCO transfers and overall inexperienced players. TCU has issues in the secondary that are glaring.

Chris Holly Taylor: So after watching TCU dismantle the Air Force Falcons last Saturday I'm now looking forward to the Battle on the Blue Turf with much more anticipation than before last Sautrday's game. Perhaps Baylor will continue to improve upon last year's record. If so, the loss at Baylor was not really an indication of any fall off by TCU, but rather just an indication of Baylor's continued improvement. Time will show!

greekpadre: I'm going to say TCU here. Granted, that in the final box score, they still gave up 19 points (mostly in garbage time) and still have a few holes in the secondary, nobody still looks as solid as they do (this mostly has to do with SDSU's flat play against Army, not their fault but the power outage in SoCal last week affected their whole weekly schedule).

Who is to date, looking like a MWC POY candidate?

Chris Holly Taylor: Kellen Moore is not only a MWC POY leading candidate, but will be right there at the Heisman Award ceremony. It should continue to be a season to remember as Kellen breaks significant career records at BSU while still guiding BSU to the highest level of achievement in 2011.

pack_fan: This award is likely Kellen Moore's to lose at this point. Perhaps the losses at receiver have an effect on his numbers this year, but I liked what I saw from the BSU receiving corp against Georgia. SDSU's Ronnie Hillman might be able to sneak in here.

Ben Findley:

1.) Kellen Moore- Led his team to a victory over a "big bad SEC team" and looked good statistically while doing so (261yds, 82.4 CMP%, 3 TDS, 1 INT).

2.) Casey Pachall- Looks about as legit as they come so far. In his first two starts on the road he has thrown for 457 yards, 6 TD's, and only 1 INT, all while completing 70.3% of his passes. He has also added 56 yards on the ground and a rushing TD.

3.) Ronnie Hillman- Walking youtube highlight.

bluesyourdaddy: Easy. BSU's QB Kellen Moore.
Not to sound like a complete homer, I would also like to add TCU QB Casey Pachall to my shortlist for the MWC POY because the sophomore is really doing well. He is 45 of 64 for 457 yards with 6 TD's. He is not afraid to run when he has to, and picks up an average of 3.3 yards. He should be on everyone's watch list.

BHSmarine: Obviously Kellen Moore, but Ronny Hillman could win it too if he has 100+ yards games every weekend. If no conference defenses can keep him out of the end zone and under 100 yards I would give my vote to him.

airforcetwo: Kellen Moore will most likely win this by season's end, but keep an eye on Ronnie Hillman. The sophomore tailback from SDSU is starting out where he left off last season and is averaging 6.8 yards per carry. OK it was Cal Poly and Army, but if he can continue with a 4.5 to 5.0 average, this youngster is going to give Moore some company.

Rebelfan1: The MWC POY so far this year has to be Kellen Moore. He looked surgical against Georgia.

Jeremy Mauss: Hate to steal others answers, but I agree with Ben between Kellen Moore, Casey Pachall or Ronnie Hillman, plus I would keep an eye out for Ryan Lindley. Moore, Pachall and Hillman are in the best position, but odds are it is going to end up being Moore or Hillman once the season ends.

greekpadre: The homer in me and the reasonable person in me are obviously saying Kellen Moore here. I think Ronnie Hillman will make it close. One more name I'd like to throw in the mix, though he might be the best front runner for freshman of the year: Brett Smith. The Freshman Wyoming QB through 2 games is 1st in MWC total offense and 1st in passing ( 117 rush yds, 530 pass yds, 3 rush TDs, 4 pass TDs, 3 INTs). If these numbers continue, we might see a new darkhorse Heisman candidate from the MWC in future years.