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San Diego State Fans Who Have Cox Cable Will Miss Out On Michigan Game

Last time the complaints came from Time Warner who still does not have The Mtn. channel in San Diego, but now it is the other cable company in town, Cox Cable who is giving Aztec fans fits. San Diego State travels to play the Michigan Wolverines on Sept. 24 and the game is on the Big 10 Network. The game is big enough since San Diego State is playing Michigan that weekend, but they are going up against their former head coach Brady Hoke who helped turn this program around.

The game is on the Big 10 Network, but Cox Cable does not carry the Big 10 Network, so Aztec fans are going to have to find an alternate place to watch this game at the early hour of 9 a.m. PT. San Diego State spokesman Mike May said the school is exploring options in an effort to make the Sept. 24 game available to more local viewers.  

That could mean viewing parties on campus or show the game on the big screens at Viejas Arena. Aztec fans may have to get creative and try to find some online streams to find the game.

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