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NCAA Realignment: Texas A&M Off To SEC, Oklahoma Submitting Application To Join Pac-12

So much for the Baylor Bears threat of litigation to force to keep the Big 12 together. Texas A&M is officially on their way to the SEC, Oklahoma is reportedly applying to join the Pac-12 by the end of September. It looks like the Big 12 is on its way out and Texas is doing whatever they can to hold the league together as they recently had a secret meeting with Oklahoma to try to keep them in the Big 12 and keep the league together.

All signs point to the Big 12 falling apart very soon and that is when the Mountain West can make their move. The Mountain West has already said that they have contacted some schools -- most likely Baylor and Iowa State. All the league can do is just wait and pick up the left overs and there is nothing new on the Mountain West expansion front, so now all the Mountain West can do is wait and see if the Pac-12 will take on Oklahoma and others which then would essentially kill of the Big 12.

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