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Air Force Being Mentioned As A Big 12 Candidate, According To A Report

With Texas A&M officially saying goodbye to the Big 12 it is now time to figure out who is going to replace them in the Big 12 -- assuming the league does stay together. A few weeks ago there were reports that Air Force was being mentioned as a possible replacement for Texas A&M. Most discounted those since it was still very early in the process, but now according to's Dennis Dodd the Big 12 has interest in bringing in Air Force to take the place of Texas A&M

The Falcons would not be the first choice for the Big 12, because the other schools that are mentioned are Pitt, BYU, Notre Dame and Arkansas. It is safe to say that Air Force is last on the list. The reason for the interest in Air Force is because expansion is based on television markets and Air Force would bring back some of the Denver market that left when Colorado went to the Pac-12.

It is still extremely early in the process, and lets hope for the sake of the fans that the Big 12 waits until the off season to decide who they want to bring aboard so that we can enjoy the actual games.

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