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Air Force Football Fall Camp Report For Week One

Air Force's first week of camp is in the books and so far and the biggest question in fall camp is who will be the fullback for the 2011 Falcons. Also, another scenario the Falcons do not want to have to figure out is what to do if quarterback Tim Jefferson does go down with an injury. Jefferson is the most important player on the Falcons team this year.

The Falcons began practice on this past Tuesday and there was already an injury to the Falcons, the injury was to center Jeffrey Benson who suffered a knee injury and will be out two-to-four weeks. Benson took over the starting job in the spring over Michael Hester, and it will be Hester who will take up the center spot while Benson is out. Another injury that was devastating came when linebacker Ken Lamendola went down with a leg injury and was carted off the field. Lamendola was back after missing nearly two years with various ankle and knee injuries. Troy Calhoun expects Lamendola to be out for a few weeks, but will not know more for sure until next week.

In positive news at the first day of fall camp, cornerback Anthony Wright, Jr. had three interceptions, and that is a good sign for Wright who is trying to rebound off a poor 2010 season. The defensive end position is one to watch is between Harry Kehs and Ben Kopacka who are both vying for the starting spot. Kopacka missed the final seven games in 2010, but regardless who starts both will see playing time.

The Falcons may also consider bringing in a fifth safety who would actually be a hybrid safety and linebacker. The Falcons would have Brian Lindsay move to the line as another linebacker while bringing in Anthony Wooding as the additional safety.

At Wednesday's practice, Troy Calhoun said that a freshman could be in the mix for the starting fullback position. Other possible candidates are Tyrone Sauls and Ben Souther who attended prep school last year. Here is a video of Souther:

The backup running spot behind starter Asher Clark is open and it could be Jon Lee who performed well at Air Force prep school last year. The outside linebacker position will be on of the fiercest battle with Jamil Cooks and Alex Means. Means still has a slight lead but both have been going back and forth in the starting position.

At Friday's practice the defensive back race was the focus:

Defensive backs coach Charlton Warren said the race to replace Reggie Rembert at cornerback is a dead heat between Josh Hall, Chris Miller and Steffon Batts. Hall is the steady senior, Miller has the talent to win the job, but Batts might be the most intriguing at the moment. Warren said he wants a playmaker, and Batts has made plays just about every day in camp to shoot up the depth chart. Keep in mind - Air Force's staff is very democratic, and if you perform in practice, you can win a starting job.

The fullback spot also was on topic again with mentions of freshman Ben Souther seems to be the first freshman in line to get carries, plus look out for is Broam Hart. While those are two of the freshman who should see a few carries the starting fullback position will be between Wes Cobb and Mike DeWitt.  

The cornerback spot that was vacated by Reggie Rembert is open and it looks like Steffon Batts is moving up the depth chart and is in contention for that starting corner spot.

Air Force resumes camp on Monday

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