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2011 Mountain West Preview: Burning Questions, Bold Predictions

August begins out month long preview of the Mountain West. We will have breakdowns of the offense, defenses as well as projections. This intro post will go over some questions that each team may have as well as some bold predictions. 

First below is a combined chart that combines all the major magazines that ranked the conference:



Not a real surprise there, but just wanted to show a larger sample size of where the teams have been predicted.

Now on to the bold projections and burning questions.



Air Force 

Bold Prediction: Air Force goes 12-0, wins the Mountain West and goes to a BCS bowl game. They get TCU early in the season at home, Notre Dame is beatable against the option and Boise State has not faced the triple option offense.

Burning Question: Can Air Force get to the 10-win mark for the first time since 1998?

Boise State 


Bold Prediction: Boise State will beat Georgia but will not win the Mountain West and lose conference games against TCU and Air Force.
Burning Question: Is wide receiver Geraldo Hiwat the real deal, and able to step into the shoes as the top wide receiver.

Colorado State 

Bold Prediction: The Rams will start the season 5-0 and end the season with eight games.
Burning Question:  Will head coach Steve Fairchild open up the passing game to see what he really has in quarterback Pete Thomas?

New Mexico

Bold Prediction: Head coach Mike Locksley will make it through the season as head coach.
Burning Question:  Can New Mexico settle on one quarterback to find some consistency on offense?

San Diego State

Bold Prediction:Quarterback Ryan Lindley will be a Heisman trophy finalist.
Burning Question:  What wide receivers will step up to replace DeMarco Sampson and Vincent Brown.


Bold Prediction: The Horned Frogs will lead the nation in total defense for the fourth straight season.
Burning Question:  What does TCU have in quarterback Casey Pachell?


Bold Prediction: Wide receiver Phillip Payne will rebound from a poor 2010 and lead the Mountain West in receptions.
Burning Question:  What can head coach Bobby Hauck do with his own quarterback Caleb Herring do running the pro-style offense?


Bold Prediction: Wyoming goes 6-6, but misses out on a bowl game because they play two FCS teams.
Burning Question: What freshman quarterback will Wyoming start? Sub question, how soon will that freshman get pulled?

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