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2011 College Football Rankings: Comparing The Conferences

The USA Today coaches poll was released earlier today and the Mountain West did fairly well for themselves by landing Boise State and TCU in the top 15. This compares favorably to half of the BCS leagues. The Mountain West has as many teams as the Pac-12 and ACC, plus they have more than the Big East who have no teams ranked.

Here is the breakdown of the leagues including teams who are receiving votes.


• No. 3 Oregon 

• No. 6 Stanford

• RV Arizona State

• RV Utah

• RV Arizona

• RV Oregon State


• No. 5 Florida State

• No. 13 Virginia Tech

• RV Miami, FL

• RV North Carolina

• RV North Carolina State

Big East

• RV West Virginia

• RV South Florida

• RV Pittsburgh 


• No.  7 Boise State

• No. 15 TCU

RV Air Force

However, once you include the teams receiving votes the other leagues show their depth and are better top to bottom than the Mountain West, but compared to the Big East the Mountain West -- this year -- is so far a better league.

The Big 12, SEC and Big 10 are well ahead of the Mountain West in terms of the depth and top teams.

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