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Wyoming Suspends Three Players

Busy day here for Wyoming Cowboy news and updates, but this news is not something Cowboy fans want to hear. Head coach Dave Christensen has suspended three players in safety Eric Mitchell and Tight End T.J. Smith for the season opener against Weber State while safety Kenny Browder is suspended indefinitely stemming from a DUI.

Dave Christensen talked vaguely about the suspensions in his teleconference:

"The young men in our program know that we have standards in place that they must follow," said Christensen. "When they don't meet these standards they understand that there are consequences for their actions."

Mitchell and Smith's suspension were not disclosed, but Browder as mentioned is out indefinitely because he was cited with a DUI and under-aged drinking, Browder does not turn 21 until May 2012. Browder was also booked in the Albany County jail this past Sunday morning at 12:41 a.m. and then was released at 4 a.m. Browder's court date is set for Sept. 12th.

Taking Browder's place will be Luke Anderson who is a junior college transfer from Blinn Community College out of Texas. He moved up the depth chart during spring and fall camp to be the backup at the free safety spot, and coaches praised his speed. Anderson will be the starter for at least one game, and in all likely hood more than that.

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