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2011 College Football Rankings: College Football Talk Releases Their Preseason Top 25

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET the USA Today Coaches Poll will be released, and College Football Talk just released their top 25 rankings as well as conference previews. They are a site that I trust, but their top 25 is a little bit odd and it starts off with Air Force being 25th in their poll:

1.) Alabama
2.) Florida State
3.) Stanford
4.) Oklahoma
5.) Wisconsin
6.) Oregon
7.) Boise State
8.) LSU
9.) Nebraska
10.) Oklahoma State
11.) South Carolina
12.) Virginia Tech
13.) Arkansas
14.) Texas A&M
15.) TCU
16.) Georgia
17.) USC
18.) Notre Dame
19.) West Virginia
20.) Ohio State
21.) Mississippi State
22.) UCF
23.) Arizona State
24.) Michigan State
25.) Air Force

Air Force at 25 is a bit surprising for the preseason. I can see the Falcons making the move into the list, but in the preseason seems a bit optimistic to me. Boise at seven and TCU at 15 is fine with me and seems about right.

Seing Central Florida and Mississippi State in the top 25 is a shock to me and then Stanford at three ahead of Oregon who is at six is a head scratcher.

We will see how the coaches poll comes out tomorrow and see how it compares to this. The coaches poll is so important due to it being one-third of the BCS formula, yet it is also insignificant since there will be that team that will be near the bottom of the top 25 and shoot up and make a run at a BCS bowl or a BCS title run.

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