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UPDATE: Chris Petersen Is Not Aware Of A Penalty If Boise State Wears All-Blue Uniforms At Home

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UPDATE: This is updated with video from the Dan Patrick Show.

Now this could be interesting. Boise State head coach Chris Petersen was on the Dan Patrick show today and he was asked the about how the school agreed to not wear all-blue uniforms as part of the condition of joining the Mountain West.

Here is part of the exchange:

Petersen joked he has a solution. "We're changing our field to orange," Petersen said. "We'll go blue on orange. What do you think about that?" Petersen did say in seriousness, that Nike is helping the team mix up their uniforms.

"We don't even think twice about it," Petersen said. "It doesn't even look kind of strange to us."

Petersen told Dan that the field will always be blue. It's not changing. Dan asked what the penalty is if they do wear blue and blue. "That is a great question," Petersen said. He doesn't know, so maybe he will try to go blue on blue.

Petersen said that some opposing coaches complained it was hard to watch tape of Boise State

No penalty?

That sounds familiar since the Mountain West did not have a penalty if teams decided to leave, so the league received no financial benefit when BYU, Utah and TCU decided to leave the league.

Now, I don't think Boise State will do this, but if there is no penalty then there is no harm in doing it once. Imagine if Boise State came running out of the tunnel in all-blue against TCU, that would have added extra attention to a potential game against two undefeated teams vying for a BCS bid. There is already enough dislike between the two schools with their bowl history and the game being moved from Fort Worth to Boise, but this would trump all of that.

Too bad this got out of the bag, because if the Mountain West gets wind of this they may implement some sort of penalty for this. The Mountain West added this to their agenda and will be discussing a potential penalty if Boise State does wear blue uniforms at home in league games.

Here is a link to the video of Petersen on the Dan Patrick Show.

Hat tip: Terry and Dale for the video.

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