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Colorado State Football 2011: Best Case Worst Case

Easy, best case 13-0 worst case 0-12.  Just kidding, let's break down what can only be called a very friendly schedule week by week and give a best case worst case result and see where we end up.  These are depending on a clean bill of health.  Just scroll all the way to the bottom of The Jump if you want to skip the game by game, I will throw up a recap.

Rams Football Schedule


@ New Mexico

Best case- A win, an easy convincing win.  Pete Thomas shows he means business and the defense shows up.  The running game shows some life and gets a buzz going.

Worst case- A win.  They have to beat the Lobos, road game or not.  They lose this game and look at my 0-12 prediction and Steve Fairchild really needs to start prepping that resume.

Northern Colorado

Best case- A win, a big home win where the Rams run the ball all over their closest in state rival.

Worst case- A win.  UNC has no business beating the Rams at home.  Awesome that the worst case is 2-0!



Best case- A win, Pete Thomas starts a dominate run against the Buffs that will leave him 3-1 for his career once he leaves for the NFL.

Worst case- A loss.  The Buffs are starting their first year in the PAC-12 and want to make a good impression.  A loss to a non-BCS school won't help them state their case.


@ Utah State

Best case- A win.  They defense and run game will have to be a big help here.  That BYU upset is stuck in my mind.  Utah State isn't a walk over but CSU can beat them.

Worst case- A loss, that BYU upset.  It wouldn't be as big but the Aggies aren't a team you can just show up and beat.


San Jose St.

Best Case- A win, this is when the crowds start filling in at Hughes Stadium and Steve Fairchild and Pete Thomas start clicking and the playbook opens wide.  This could be Thomas' first "Madden" game where he puts up some stupid looking stats.

Worst case- A win, this is another where they must win.  At home, if healthy, there is no reason they should lose.


Boise St

Best case- A close loss.  The Rams have played some very good teams at home down to the wire over the years, never pulling out the win.  That is probably the best case here.  I have mentioned a few times that Kellen Moore against a Larry Kerr defense could get very ugly.

Worst case- A huge loss.  Unless it means Kerr gets fired on the spot after Moore throws his 12th touchdown of the game.  Then that could be a best case. 



Best case- A win.  I think the Rams could win this.  They will have to put up a lot of points to do it.  If Fairchild and Thomas get clicking they can put up a lot of points.  The defense has to come up with a few turnovers for sure in this one. Remember its best case.

Worst case- A loss.  That's not all that worst case, more just realistic.  The UTEP offense could pick apart a Larry Kerr defense very easy and make it a long day for Ram fans.



Best case- A win!  I sense a pattern with best case here.  This is a winnable game.  If they can beat UNM on the road they can do it with UNLV.

Worst case- A win!  I love when the worst case is still a win.  UNLV won't be good.  The Rams should be decent.  Decent beats bad in my book.



Best case- A win!  This is their big win at home they have been waiting over the years for.  In this one someone makes a play at the end of the game and Hughes Stadium goes crazy.

Worst case- A loss, an ugly one where SDSU scores about 45 points and the defense is on the field for 40 minutes.



Best case- A close loss.  The Rams could be full of confidence but the Horned Frogs in Texas are a different team.  The TCU defense will focus on a weaker running game and give Thomas some pressure.  If no one gets hurt I call it a best case.

Worst case- A loss.  Someone gets hurt and their bowl chances go bye bye.


Air Force

Best case- Loss.  I do think they beat either SDSU or Air Force at home, but not both.  Freudian typing slip, I just wrote that "I don't think they beat either SDSU or Air Force"  Not good, not good at all.

Worst case- Loss.  Can't win them all right?  After watching the Rams get destroyed in person last year down in Colorado Springs I can't see how they are better then the Falcons this year.



Best case- Win!  Get that Bronze Boot back in the Border War!  This would be the last Rams game I attend for awhile so I hope its a big win.  The Cowboys have some personnel issues to work out, it will be the last game but they are who they are at this point.  Rams win.

Worst case- Loss.  Anything happens in the Border War, like last year.  That sucked.


So to recap it all best case scenario gives the Rams a staggering 9-3 record and getting an invite to the Las Vegas Bowl.  It is definitely a best case, they will need a lot of lucky bounces and a few calls go their way.  In reality the defense and running game won't hold up their end of the deal and the Rams fall short of 9-3.  But they play the games for a reason and this is what could happen.

Worst case the Rams flop to a 4-8 record.  Which might not seems that worst case since they were 3-9 the last two years.  This team is deeper and has more possibility to be talented.  They talent actually showing up on the field has been the issue.  With this schedule 4-8 is more like 2-10, there are a couple gimme games on the schedule that they need to take.  Keep in mind that I don't think UNLV, WYO, or UNM got any better and could have gotten worse since last year.

Realistic case?  Who wants to hear that?  We are all about crazy predictions here at MWCConnection!  But I will throw out an even 6-6 with a bowl game win to sound fair.  Take the best case scenario and take off the CU, UTEP, and SDSU wins and you land at 6-6 and a New Mexico Bowl bid.