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Mountain West Connection Podcast: Previewing The MWC Football Season

The first ever episode (actually the second since the first never made it to air due to technical difficulties) of the Mountain West Connection debuts tonight with myself and Rebelfan1 leading the way in this new venture. 

Basically the show will be every Sunday night at 11 p.m ET and usually Thursday night at the same time unless there are Thursday games like this week, and the assumption is we will go on Wednesday night.

The show is live so you can listen live on BlogTalk Radio (as well as chat during the show too) or below here on the site. Also, the show is already on iTunes so you can catch the show after it airs. Also, the show will be 30 minutes due to that is the time allotted, so we will see how that goes. 

So, enjoy the show and let us know what you think of show and what you want us to talk about.


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