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Mountain West Connection Daily Schedule

With only a few days left in the college football off season it is a good time to let all the readers new and old about what to expect here on the site every day.

Sunday: Game recaps, the what we learned series, video recaps and the Mountain West Connection podcast at 11 p.m. ET.

Monday - Friday (possibly on Saturday morning with last minute links):  Making the Rounds post around 12:30 p.m. MT with a bunch of links about the Mountain West schools as well as opponents.

Monday: Composite BlogPoll released around mid-morning

Monday or Tuesday: Press conference video or audio from the coaches. Part of this depends on how quickly the school puts this online and if it is something that can be posted on the site through embed codes.

Tuesday: Mountain West power poll assembled by our staff.

Wednesday: Interviews from opposing teams either within SB Nation or beat writers. This is mostly during the non-conference season.

Thursday: Mountain West Connection podcast at 11 p.m. ET (maybe guests once we get a hang of it) and Road to the BCS feature.

Thursday - Friday: Previews for the upcoming games.

Saturday: Last minute news and notes, game threads and possibly some recaps from the early games.

That is the base schedule and expect more  from breaking news, injuries, opposing team details, recruiting and whatever else.

Also, I know more people check out the site during football season and there are many ways for you all to chime in with opinions. First is the comment sections, but the more extensive ways are to use fan posts which is your very own and entry and allows you to write a full on post that needs to be at least 75 words and sometimes those get bumped to the front page. Also, fanshots can be used to post a link, quote or a video. There are many ways to participate on the site and the latest is the iPhon App which is pretty cool and allows you to follow the open threads and news while at the game.

Plus the obligatory tagline at the end of each post are other ways to follow the site.

One last note, if you are new to the site and have never commented please do so here and let everyone know what team or players you root for. There are a lot of regular people who comment on the site, but do not let that be an issue or feel intimidated this is a place for your voice to be heard.

There you go and enjoy the football season!

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