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Making The Rounds: Lache Seastrunk Had Interest In TCU, Regulation In College Football

This is the (usually lunch time) weekday feature of news and notes about Mountain West and their opponents news. If you have a link or a story you would think works send me a message on twitter @JeremyMauss or email me and I'll give you credit.

According to Stephen Stevenson of the Star-Telegram, former Oregon and now Baylor RB Lache Seastrunk did in fact send transfer papers to TCU. Wonder why Coach Patterson and the staff weren't interested?

Interesting read, but not ever going to happen.

TCU 2011 PREVIEW: Defense, special teams - Frogs O' War
TCU is stacked on defense, again. Looking for breakout years are linemen Braylon Broughton and Ray Burns, and Jason Verrett, Sam Carter and Chris Hackett in the secondary. Linebackers Tank Carder and Tanner Brock lead the group. If any team can field a fourth consecutive #1 defense, it's this one.

Wyoming 2011 Position Preview: Quarterback " 7220 Report | A Wyoming Cowboys blog

Air Force linebacker Patrick Hennessey’s fortunate injury - Air Force - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

After multiple shoulder surgeries, outside linebacker Patrick Hennessey was understandably upset when he slightly tore the capsule in the front of his shoulder against TCU last season. 

Angry Trey's Blog: Two Football Games Isn’t a Network

Falcons build depth at receiver through camp | hirneise, whitehead, courtney - Colorado Springs Gazette

Former New Mexico head coach Rocky Long once addressed the Aztecs' lack of toughness in a 2005 job interview. Now as San Diego State's head coach, he addresses it again.

Rotation keeps TCU backs stronger | Texas Christian University 
Gary Patterson likes the Frogs' running game. 

Boise State announces 2011-12 men's basketball schedule |

Boise State roster preview: Corners, safeties, nickels, and hair - One Bronco Nation Under God
How does the Boise State secondary look for 2011? Find out why Bronco fans should have high hopes for Iloka, Taylor, and Co.