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PHOTO: More Images Of Brian Scott's Boise State Themed Car

More photos have been released about Nationwide NASCAR driver Brian Scott's Boise State themed car.


Via Idaho Statesman.

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen has chimed in on the car:

"I think the car and that whole concept is awesome. I just wish I could be there in the car - for maybe a warm-up lap, get a little speed with the Scotts," Petersen said Wednesday.

Petersen said when he first saw the car and its No. 11, he thought they were putting senior quarterback Kellen Moore's number on the car. Then he realized No. 11 is Scott's number, too.

"This is perfect karma," Petersen said.

He said he hopes the publicity helps Scott. Petersen knows Joe Scott, Brian's father.

"I hope we get the name out there for the Scotts as well, the great race car driver that he is. I hope ESPN is cutting back and forth, showing some of the game and where he is in the race. It's a really cool concept," Petersen said.

So far, this Boise State design is set to run only in this race as the car is not painted with the colors but rather the design is vinyl. ESPN also says they will update how Scott's car is doing in the race during their telecast of the football game.

I like the car, what do you think?


via Idaho Statesman.

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