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NASCAR Nationwide Driver Has Car Painted In Boise State Colors

Brian Scott who is a Boise, Idaho native will drive a Boise St. Bronco themed car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series' Great Clips 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on the same night that Boise State takes on the Georgia Bulldogs. The track is 30 miles from the Georgia Dome and starts 30 minutes prior to the football game.

The news is not that Scott is a fan of the Broncos, but that his car will be painted in support of the Boise State, and he is hoping for some cross-promotion with the game and his car:

"We've done a lot of talking with ESPN, who is doing our race. I think they're going to do some cool cross-promotional stuff between the game and the race," Scott said. "Hopefully the race fans that are watching will be able to keep track of what Boise's doing and vice versa."

Expect to get some boos from the pro-Georgia crowd at the race, but regardless this is a sweet looking paint job.


Via Idaho Statesman.

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