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Does TCU Have A Quarterback Controversy?

It has always seen as a given that Casey Pachall was to replace Andy Dalton as the next TCU quarterback, but since Pachall had sat out a few practices and needed an MRI on his shoulder that may not be the case. The MRI showed nothing serious, but during Pachall absence redshirt freshman Matt Brown took reps with the first team and was impressive.

Gary Patterson is now not saying the quarterback position is not set in stone:

"Matt and Casey are neck and neck to be the starter," Patterson said. "There's no such thing as a backup. Matt moved the ball just as well, or better, than Casey did today."

"The time being out hurt Casey," Patterson said. "Matt got a lot better. That's what you do. You don't worry about the guy that's not here. You make the next guys better; that's what big programs are about."

This most likely is some posturing by Patterson to motivate both players, and this is the first mention that the starting quarterback position has had questions. People who have been at practices have reported that Pachall is clearly the better player and Patterson has said Pachall has shown more leadership.

Expect Pachall to be the starting quarterback on Sept. 2 against Baylor, because he has been the heir apparent since he stepped on campus and there was even talk by a student reporter who said Pachall should start over Dalton back in the spring of 2009.

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