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The Mtn. To Be On Basic Tier On DirecTV In Idaho

The wait is over, Boise State fans!

The Mtn. channel will be on the Total Choice package which is the basic tier on DirecTV. The games that will be on The Mtn. are Colorado State (Oct. 15), Wyoming (Nov. 26) and New Mexico (Dec. 3). The channel is not yet active in all areas in Idaho, but it is an ongoing process with the expectation of the channel to be in all of Idaho prior to football season.

However, if you want to have CBS Sports and NBC Sports (formerly Versus) on DirecTV you need the Total Choice Plus package, but that is not an overly expensive package.  There are six games on these two channels.

Good news this got done before the season started, because The Mtn. channel was a big issue before DirecTV came on board.

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