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Uni-Obsessed: Fresno State's 2011 Uniforms

The Bulldogs got swag!



Follow me after the jump and we'll go more in-depth!
The Helmet:


The helmet with the triangular stripe gives much more character than to the old helmet. Throw in the fact that the "V" (which stands for Valley for those of you who don't remember) makes a beautiful alignment inside the stripe, this helmet makes for one of the cooler helmets in the WAC (we'll see about when they come into the MWC).

Helmet Grade: A

The Home Uniform:



Red on Red again. But at least it's not completely solid. The underarm blue slab is kinda weird, but I LOVE the fade blue/white stripe on the arms. That to me makes the whole jersey. The number script has been updated too to look not so blocky, which is a good addition. The pants have the faded blue/white stripe down the side again, which is nice, however there is a problem.
The bottom of the pants create the wrap around the back leg effect. Just keep it simple. But that's really my only beef with the home.

Home Uniform Grade: B

The Away Uniform:


They went White on White again, which I like. It's clean cut and conservative, but still has character. The fade away stripes are there (with red and blue this time around) on the jersey and the pants. But I apparently didn't see this in the home uniform (or it wasn't as noticeable), when does anyone think it's okay to put any lettering on the back of the pants? (see below)



Do we really need to remember who's speeding away from us or who we're tackling. If anything, it's annoying (by the way, if you look closer on the red, it has it in blue which is how i missed it the first time). Oh well, at least it's not on the butt like some teams:


Away Uniform Grade: B

Overall Grade: B+

Bottom line, this was a fashion moment of greatness. While there wasn't extreme change to the schemes, the classic look became modified and as a result, Fresno State looks ready to take the field for victory.