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Brandon Miller Emerging As A Viable Option For The Wyoming Running Game

The Wyoming starting running back is set to by Alvester Alexander and then there is Ghaali Muhammad who made the switch from linebacker to running back and then there is newcomer Kody Sutton. However, there is a fourth back who is making some noise during fall camp and that is former wide receiver Brandon Miller. Miller has been making noise and after spring camp was listed as the starter. In last Friday's scrimmage Miller had a big day:

The Parker, Colo., native made plenty of noise during the Cowboys' second fall scrimmage Friday morning, carrying the ball nine times for a team-high 99 yards in the offense's 60-47 modified-scoring victory.

"I'm starting to get more comfortable with the offense and I'm learning the players and how we're going to be this year," Miller said. "It was a good day for us, overall, on offense."

53 of those 99 yards came on one play, but getting 99 yards on nine carries is impressive, and he also hauled in 38 yards on the receiving front.

Seeing Miller emerge as an option at running back is something Wyoming will need this year, because the starting quarterback for Wyoming will have taken zero snaps at the FBS level and it could be a true freshman. So the running game will be counted on to keep the offense moving for the first few weeks as the new quarterback gets adjusted to the FBS level.

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