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What Wyoming Fans Should Expect From Their True Freshman Quarterback

Wyoming is expected to be starting a true freshman quarterback in either Brett Smith or Adam Pittser with the edge looking to be going to Smith. Over at Wyoming-centric site 7220 Report they went and documented how the 15 true freshman quarterbacks have performed since 2009:



As you can see it the outcome is not going to be all that great for Wyoming. However, seven did guide their teams to a bowl game, but a bowl game will be difficult for Wyoming who must win seven games since they are playing to FCS teams.

The stats tell another story as well. The average total passing yards by all 15 would place them at 77th in the nation, passing touchdowns at 84th and interceptions would place them in the 40-50s range. Even the highly touted USC's Matt Barkley struggled in his first year with 15 touchdowns to 14 interceptions.

Going by this limited sample size it is safe to assume whoever gets the starting job will struggle in 2011.

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