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UNLV Football Progam Bans Players From Using Twitter

Add UNLV as the latest Mountain West school to ban twitter. Head football coach Bobby Hauck is banning all players from using twitter in order to have players focused and so that they do not make decisions they will regret:

"We did a lot of research around the country," second-year coach Bobby Hauck said. "Everyone in our league has a policy on it, you see the SEC and different people making policies, so we just decided to rein all that in.

"(The policy) gives young guys less of an opportunity to make a bad decision."

UNLV's policy is that players are no longer allowed on Twitter while members of the team. Hauck said players are still allowed on Facebook, citing it as a valuable communication tool between them and both friends and family.

Part this has to do with wide receiver Phillip Payne who was suspended for two games last year for remarks he on twitter made days before the team went on to play at West Virginia, the nature of that particular tweet is not know.

So far the UNLV basketball team is still able to use twitter and within the Mountain West the Rebel football team is the second program to ban twitter with the prior ban coming from the New Mexico Lobo basketball team.

Hat tip: Rebel Reign

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