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Air Force Is Staying Quiet On Expansion Rumors

With Texas A&M to the SEC rumors swirling around, the Air Force Falcons have been mentioned as a possible candidate to the Big 12 if they expand to replace Texas A&M. With these mentions Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh declined to be interviewed on the topic but he did release a statement on the topic:

"The Air Force Academy is a proud and happy member of the Mountain West Conference and looking forward to a great future," Mueh said in the statement. "The Academy will continue to work towards what is best for our cadet-athletes in every area on and off the field as we continue working to produce officers of character for our Air Force and the nation."

Pretty much your standard speak about being loyal to the Mountain West Conference, however no one wold blame Air Force if they decided to accept an invitation to the Big 12 no matter how unstable the conference would seem to be. Plus, what else could Mueh have said? He would not come out and campaign to join the Big 12.

This conversation is still a ways of and we may have a better idea this Wednesday once the SEC athletic directors meet to discuss adding Texas A&M.

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