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Colorado State Loses Five Players To Suspension, Grades

Colorado State head coach Steve Fairchild announced earlier today that three players were suspended indefinitely for violating unspecified team rules and two others have been ruled academically ineligible.  The three players who are suspended are freshman fullback Kivon Cartwright, sophomore wide receiver Byron Steele and redshirt freshman safety Ezra Thompson. Steele is the biggest lost as he was the second leading receiver returning from 2011 and then Thompson who was to contend for one of the starting safety spots.

These length of the suspensions for Cartwright, Steele and Thompson will include at least one game which would be a conference game against New Mexico and if if goes onto two games they would then miss the Colorado game.

The two players who were ruled academically ineligible are redshirt freshman offensive tackle Justin Becker and freshman wide receiver Tony Drake. These two players are going to miss the entire 2011 season.

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