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Big 12 Possibly Looking At BYU, Louisville If They Need To Add More Teams

With all of the Texas A&M to SEC rumors, the Big 12 is looking at options on to keep the league alive. Now according to New York Times Pete Thamel he is hearing that BYU and Louisville are possibilities:

Just heard two interesting names that could be in the Big 12's sights.... BYU and Louisville. #conferenceexpansionless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

By looking at two schools it seems the Big 12 is prepared to lose another team, and that could be Oklahoma to the SEC with Texas A&M. Not sure where Louisville is coming from and it is not a move that Louisville should make because the Big 12 is not the most stable of conferences right now.

I know some BYU fans will say they like independence better than the Big 12, but right now they are still a non-AQ team making about abou one-third less than the Big 12 schools. Going to the Big 12 would give BYU more money and much better access to the BCS, because now BYU is guaranteed nothing in the BCS unless they are sitting in the top two spots. If there is an invite for BYU to join the Big 12 they should jump on it. 

There will have to be some adjustments done with BYUtv, but it should be able to go on mostly as planned as an independent. This is very early speculation, because for all we know the Big 12 will be exactly the same today as it will look next year.

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