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Making The Rounds: Fall Camp News, More Expansion Tidbits

This is the (usually lunch time) weekday feature of news and notes about Mountain West and their opponents news. If you have a link or a story you would think works send me a message on twitter @JeremyMauss or email me and I'll give you credit.

Things that make you go ‘hmmm’: Texas House of Reps meeting on Aug. 16 | CollegeFootballTalk
And what they'll be discussing could be a matter of helping shape the college football landscape for the foreseeable future. Or, keeping it just as it is. Yesterday, a wildfire of a rumor broke that Texas A&M was on its way to the SEC in what was initially classified as a "done deal".

If A&M-to-SEC domino tips, could ‘Noles be next? | CollegeFootballTalk
We, or more specifically I, have regarded it as a foregone conclusion that if -- again stressing the word "if" -- Texas A&M were to pull the trigger on a move to the SEC, it would be the first but certainly not the last expansion move for the conference.

2011 Heisman Watch - Heisman Trophy Candidates - ESPN
Follow all the top Heisman Trophy candidates on Includes our weekly experts poll and past Heisman winners.

Non-AQ preseason team - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Here is a look at your non-AQ preseason team. All five conferences, BYU, Army and Navy were considered. Kellen Moore tabbed as top quarterback.

SDSU football goes under the lights |                               

TCU, Boise State should battle for MWC crown - College Football -
Boise State and TCU will play only one season together in the Mountain West, but one of them should win the... 

Size mattered in CSU LB Mychal Sisson’s eyebrow-raising Butkus snub | The Field House
Size mattered in CSU LB Mychal Sisson’s eyebrow-raising Butkus snub.

Offensive line hopes to lend QBs a hand -

2011 Season Preview: Sample Sizes And The Boise State Broncos -
A look at the 2011 Boise State Broncos football team. Last year, Boise State played at a higher level than they ever had, but they lost a game and didn't get a shot at the big boys.

Fort Collins legend Matt Yemm leads Rams' deep wide receiver corps - Fort Collins Colorado State Rams |
Matt Yemm is a Fort Collins legend. Originally born in Fort Collins, Yemm has spent his entire life in northern Colorado.

Boise State president says he offered to let Bleymaier resign, celebrate his career | Boise State Football | Idaho Statesman
Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman on Thursday that athletic director Gene Bleymaier chose to be fired rather than resign. Bleymaier out as Boise State athletic director Brian Murphy.