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UNLV Wide Receiver Phillip Payne Out With Right Foot Injury, Return Time Unknown

Top UNLV wide receiver Phillip Payne injured his right foot in an unspecified right foot injury and could return as early as next week and head coach Bobby Hauck is also preparing for the fact that Payne could be out against the season opener on Sept. 1 against Wisconsin:

"Any time you've got a bone injury in a foot, even doctors have a hard time telling you how long it will be," Hauck said. "I've seen guys come back from those fast, and I've seen guys take a long time. So the honest answer is we don't know."

Payne watched practice this morning, which opened UNLV's football training camp, while wearing a walking boot.

"It's frustrating because I want to play," Payne said. "But I get a good feeling being able to help out the young bucks, so somehow I'm going to get into it."

Payne is a key offensive player for UNLV and will be a big help to Caleb Herring who is the new starting quarterback for UNLV. Last year Payne had 40 receptions for 689 yards to go along with five touchdowns. Michael Johnson is the other veteran wide receiver for UNLV, but after that the next most experienced receiver is a sophomore Marcus Sullivan who had six catches in 11 games last year.

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