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CBS To Air New Mexico Vs. UNLV Basketball Matchup

CBS has decided to pick up the UNLV vs. New Mexico basketball game at the newly renovated Pit. This would be the second time in two years that over-the-air CBS has decided to pick up a Mountain West basketball game. Last year it was the San Diego State vs. BYU tilt that the network picked up. This game takes place on 11 a.m. MT. on Saturday, Feb.18, the game also will be broadcast online at

"We are very excited about the opportunity to have a national TV game in the Pit again," said head coach Steve Alford. "The UNLV game in the middle of league play on CBS has the potential of a great game and atmosphere."

UNLV and New Mexico should be the two teams to battle for the conference title and hopefully this game will be as exciting as last year's CBS game, and that this trend continues of CBS picking up a basketball game and promoting it CBS. There is nothing to not like about this and I wish that this would happen for football, like say the TCU vs. Boise State game in early November. A 10 a.m. MT kickoff would not be ideal and be a solid lead in for the SEC game of the week (not that they need it). It has been done before when the Mountain West was partnered with ESPN and I even recall a 9 a.m. kick for a San Jose State home game a few years back.

More exposure is better and perhaps when the Mountain West renegotiates their television contract they can get more over-the-air games if they stay with CBS and Comcast who now owns NBC.

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