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Did Boise St. Block the MWC from Expanding?

Editors note: additional tweets were added to this story.

This morning Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News had a few interesting tweets regarding the recent MWC expansion talks with Utah St. and San Jose St. to bring the conference to 12 and add a conference championship game. According to Wilner, Boise St. was the key member to block the proposed expansion, citing concerns over having to win the additional conference championship game on their way to a BCS bowl berth. (h/t Chris Murray of

BSU didn't want double jeopardy to reach BCS (undefeated reg season and then have to win fball title game)less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

And good chance MWC xpands eventualy. Sources said it left 5M on table by not adding 2 in Jan to create fball title game. Deal killed by BSUless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Wilner's twitter feed is here if you would like read to through his tweets. Wilner also thinks that the MWC would add San Jose St and Houston before they would add Utah St., possibly because Comcast doesn't view Logan as part of the Salt Lake City market.

To those who asked: I've heard nothing substantive about Utah St to MWC. Why would MWC do it? Comcast doesn't consider Logan the SLC market

Remember: Utah State would have to bring enough $ to MWC trough to justify extra rev split. Not sure Logan (pop: 48k) does that

If MWC expands again in a few years and Big 12 has not blown up, then Houston and San Jose State make more sense than USU

Chris Murray (via the article linked above) speculates that the Big 12 splitting could mean the MWC picking up Kansas and Kansas St.