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Brandon Wimberly Released from Hospital

Via Dan Hinxman at

Wolf Pack wide receiver Brandon Wimberly was released from a local hospital earlier this week and is home in Gardena, Calif., where he is doing well, Nevada associate athletic director Keith Hackett said.

"I spoke to his mom (Thursday), and she said he's doing better," Hackett said Friday night at the Governor's Dinner in Carson City. "He's a tough kid, a fighter."

Wimberly, who would have been a junior this fall, was shot following an altercation between about five Wolf Pack football players and another group at the Freight House District in the early morning hours of June 18. He underwent surgery to repair his intenstines and colon. It remains unclear if he will be able to play football again.

Clearly he is gone for this season, but it would be a pretty incredible story if he were able to come back and play in his senior season. I am unsure what Brandon's intentions were when he got the OK from his coaches to take extra classes to graduate sooner, so maybe he had thoughts of leaving Nevada after his junior year. It remains to be seen, but perhaps the recent events may have changed those plans. Also, I would imagine he will not be attending the classes he wanted to take this summer due to his recovery from the surgery. There is still no word yet on any suspects in the case.

Good to hear he is continuing to recover and is doing well.