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NCAA 12 Player Ratings For Boise State

NCAA 12 is coming out this Tuesday, but over at the game's team bulder website all the rosters are with ratings are there. Well of course without the names, because we all know that it is just happen that the rosters have the same numbers and look like the players.

The first list up is the player rankings for Boise State, look for the others over the weekend, and thanks to OBNUG who let me steal borrow their code to embed the Bronco roster.

Also do not forget that these rosters were done well in advance so there will be some odd rankings, players who are not on the team or unidentifiable players.

Out of the analysis from OBNUG this is the best:

Change Doug Martin's strength rating before someone gets hurt

Martin earned a 73 on the rating scale for strength. His awareness rating is 93, so you can be sure he is aware that EA Sports blows at making accurate strength ratings.

Take a glance over the roster and see if Kellen Moore should have matched Stanford's Andrew Luck for a 99 rating and try to find the player who can not be identified.

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