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Tate Forcier Is Visiting Hawai'i This Week

Looks like the twitter message from @QBFORCE that said former Michigan Wolverine quarterback Tate Forcier had no contact or interest in Hawai'i is not completely accurate, or at least not anymore. Forcier sent a three-page letter to Hawai'i last month now has a scheduled visit to the islands this upcoming week. ESPN's Joe Schad is also reporting that Forcier has serious interest from San Jose State and  to a lesser extent Nevada.

At this point, I honestly do not care where Forcier ends up. He has the pedigree to be a good college quarterback, but he has had his issues recently. At this point Forcier is living off of borrowed time since he has yet to prove anything significant at the FBS level. He did start games at Michigan and did fairly well his freshman year, but after that it has been down hill for Forcier.

He has traveled the country looking for a school to play at. He left MiamiUSC and San Diego State had no interest in Forcier, so he has been left to find a place that will take him in. If Forcier even has a shred of the talent the recruiting experts saw out of high school then he has a chance to do well in Hawai'i. The job will not be handed to him, but he will have the most experience out of the other players due to his time starting at Michigan.

Who knows, maybe Forcier will follow the steps of former Hawai'i quarterback Colt Brennan who was kicked out of Colorado for being found guilty of second-degree burglary and first-degree trespassing. Brennan then transfered to Saddleback Community College before he transferred to Hawai'i and became a Heisman finalist and lead Hawai'i to the Sugar Bowl.

Hopefully his U.S. tour will end sometime this week, so we do not have to speculate on where Forcier will end up.

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