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DirecTV Statement About The Mtn. In Idaho

There was a recent announcement made that Cable One in Idaho would carry the Mtn. network, but the comments there was some confusion about DirecTv. The Mtn. is available nationwide on the sports package, but if you live within the Mountain West footprint -- as well as some other areas -- the Mtn. is on the choice package on DirecTv at no additional cost.

Idaho Statesman Brian Murphy recently reached out to DirecTV about the status of the Mtn. in Idaho and this is the response he received:

"We are currently evaluating our options with regard to the packaging of the service in light of this season's changes to the Mountain Network. While nothing has been finalized yet, we fully expect to have a decision prior to the start of the college football season. In the meantime, the Mountain Network is currently available nationwide as part of the DIRECTV Choice package in select areas and in the Sports Pack in all other areas."

So, it looks like the answer will not be known until late August.

Then a commenter within the article said they received this response:

"Thanks for writing. I would be happy to address if Boise State will be included in the Mountain West Sports Network of qualified schools. At this time, Boise State has not been added to the list of qualified schools. However, this may change at anytime, since Boise State has joined their conference. You can monitor any changes DIRECTV makes online at We will update our site if any announcements are made.

In the meantime, our SPORTS PACK does provide this channel. With SPORTS PACK, you'll get over 35 channels covering everything from college sports to international soccer, from fly-fishing to horse racing. Your subscription includes over 20 regional sports networks, plus channels like Fox Soccer, YES Network and many more."

Since all other MWC members have the Mtn. Channel bundled with the Direct Choice and above packages, I encourage all Boise DirecTV customers to email or call the company concerning this issue. I do not see how it can be equitable for us to pay for the $12.99 Sports package, when others in the conference do not.

A little confusion there on the part of DirecTV.

So, it looks like there is some confusion with DirecTv. This is sounding all too familiar to me when the Mtn. network came to be. The memo from the league office was for the fans to call and email to educate the people of DirecTv and Dish Network to know about the Mtn. and to apply fan pressure to know the channel is wanted. I do understand where Boise State fans are frustrated without getting a clear answer on this.

I don't want to assume anything here, but I will anyways. Most likely the switch will be turned on Sept. 3 when college football kicks off.

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