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Undrafted Free Agent Signings For Mountain West Teams

With the NFL lockout finally over it meant that the undrafted rookie free agents could find a team to sing with, and with the expanded training camp rosters increased from 80 to 90 a lot more of these players were picked up. Below will be the free agent signings by current, former and past Mountain West members who were picked up. I waited a few days to present this list to make sure all the signings were done and confirmed.

This list came from, so a big thanks to them.

Boise State
Winston Venable, CB - Chicago Bears
Mike Coughlin, QB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ryan Winterswyk, DE/TE - Atlanta Falcons
Tommy Gallarda, TE - Jacksonville Jaguars
Jeron Johnson, S - Seattle Seahawks

Andrew Rich, S - Arizona Cardinals
Jason Speredon, G - Arizona Cardinals
Vic So'oto, DE - Green Bay Packers

Colorado State
Zac Pauga, FB - Houston Texans

Fresno State
Ryan Colburn, QB - New Orleans Saints
Jamel Hamler, WR - Denver Broncos
Kenny Wiggins, OL San Francisco 49ers

Laupepa Letuli , OT - Dallas Cowboys
Mana Silva, S - Baltimore Ravens

Ryan Coulson, DE - New England Patriots
Vai Taua, RB - Buffalo Bills
Doyle Miller, CB - Buffalo Bills
Jose Acuna, OL - Dallas Cowboys

Jimmy Young, WR - Chicago Bears
Bart Johnson, WR - Cincinnati Bengals
Evan Fosch, TE - Cleveland Browns
Jake Kirkpatrick, C - Indianapolis Colt
Jason Teague, CB - Houston Texans
Kelly Griffin, NT - San Diego Chargers

San Diego State
Jose Perez, CB - Miami Dolphins

Marcel Gipson, CB - Minnesota Vikings

Matt Murphy, OL - Atlanta Falcons

Sealver Siliga, DT - San Francisco 49ers
Zane Taylor, OL - New York Jets
Shaky Smithson, WR/KR - Green Bay Pakers
Justin Taplin-Ros, S - Dallas Cowboys

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