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Utah State To Mountain West Rumors Surface Once Again

Utah State to the Mountain West is yet again rearing its ugly head. This time the rumored news is coming from BobCat Report from a fan shot was done about this topic last week and this was the conversation in their forum:

Ryan - "We have some unconfirmed sources that say Utah St. may be leaving the WAC. These are very early developments and unconfirmed at this point. Stay tuned to BR.COM for the latest..."

Jack - "I talked to someone I know and respect that said the same thing. I will follow up in the morning."

Ryan "We are hearing they may be headed to the MWC."

Before you start saying these guys are throwing stuff against the wall, they were in front of the Texas-Arlington to WAC story. But still, we have heard Utah State to the MWC multiple times over the past 13 months.

That message board post was put up last week, but tonight on twitter Brent Thibodeaux who is a co-founder of is reporting that Utah State will join the Mountain West:

Breaking News: #UtahState will officially join the #MWC. Announcement is expected within 15 days. More news to come on @bobcatreport.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

More on the #UtahState to #MWC : #BoiseState needs a travel partner and the #MWC feels they owe this to #UtahState.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply



The only thing that makes sense is the travel partner that would benefit Boise State. The Mountain West had the opportunity to invite Utah State back in January but declined to do so. Plus an 11-team football league is a mess in scheduling and multiple beat writers who cover Utah State are questioning this. I believe this is the third or fourth time that Utah State has been said to be joining the Mountain West and I will not believe anything until I hear something from Craig Thompson.

Just for the record, the 15-day time frame is to allow this news to happen after WAC media days, and if the time frame is correct we should know by Aug. 10 if Utah State will be in the Mountain West. 

So, I guess stay tuned for that.

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