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Mountain West Bans Boise State From Wearing All Blue Uniforms At Home

When Boise State decided to join the Mountain West last year there apparently was an agreement in place that would not allow Boise State to wear all blue uniforms at home on their blue turf. Craig Thompson had concerns from other coaches and simply had this to say: "What we had heard from our coaches is ‘a competitive advantage.' It's as simple as that."

We know that San Diego State's Rocky Long is not a fan of the blue turf and said so three months ago:

I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf. I think it's unfair." When asked to expand, Long said, "it takes the visiting team a quarter or two to get used to that different field."

This did not sit well with Boise State head coach Chris Petersen:

"I thought it was ridiculous," Petersen said of his reaction. "... That's our colors. That's who we are. That's who our fans have wanted us to be since I've been at Boise State. That's what it's been through and through."

He has a point because schools like Colorado State and Hawai'i who can where all green on the green field do not have to abide by this rule. Some may not think that the all green causes the same effect but in a sense it is the same because this is about the color combination being the same from the uniform to the field.

Petersen also said that coaches have complained that it is more difficult to watch Boise State on film and he countered with once coaching staffs upgrade to high-definition monitors that the all blue combination would not be a problem.

I get that coaches want to create any advantage they can and apparently enough opposing coaches felt that the blue uniforms combined with the blue turf provided an advantage for Boise State, so they complained. I think the talent on the field is what makes Boise State so tough to beat at home, they have a 69-2 home record since 2000 and during that time they did not wear all blue uniforms at home.

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