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Las Vegas Hilton Releases 2011 College Football Win Totals

The Las Vegas Wynn Hotel sports book is the first casino to release their win totals for the upcoming 2011 college football season. Not every team gets on the list for odds, and the highest team is Boise State at 10.5 wins and UNLV made the list but they are at the bottom with 2.5 wins.

Here is the full list wit Mountain West teams listed first, then Mountain West opponents and then the rest of the teams:

  • UNLV 2.5
  • Boise St. 10.5
  • TCU 9
  • Georgia 8.5
  • Arkansas 8.5
  • Nevada 8
  • BYU 8.5
  • Michigan 7
  • Wisconsin 9.5
  • Nebraska 9.5
  • Notre Dame 8.5
  • Alabama 10
  • Oklahoma 10
  • LSU 9.5
  • Stanford 9
  • S. Carolina 9
  • Texas A&M 8.5
  • Oklahoma State 8.5
  • Florida State 9.5
  • Virginia Tech 10
  • Arizona St. 8
  • West Virginia 9.5
  • Florida 7.5
  • USC 7.5
  • Texas 8
  • Miss State 7.5
  • Miami 8
  • Oregon St. 6.5
  • Missouri 7.5
  • Michigan State 7.5
  • Auburn 6
  • Tennessee 6.5
  • Penn St 7.5
  • North Carolina 8
  • Utah 7.5

Remember the reason for these numbers is to get action on both sides and not what the amount of wins the Las Vegas Hilton thinks each team will get.

Having said that Boise State at 10.5 is a tough one to put money done on the over, because while they will be favored in all 12 games they have four games that are not a sure win with Georgia, Air Force, TCU and San Diego State. 11 wins is tough to go with, because that is the number one would have to take if the over is the bet.

TCU at nine seems like a good bet to go with the over, because at 10 the assumption is that TCU will have a loss to Boise State and then to either San Diego State or Air Force. The over to me seems safe.

Then there is UNLV at 2.5 wins who I would take the over because they are going to beat Southern Utah and then they just need to win two games against Wyoming, Colorado State and New Mexico. So, taking UNLV and the other is not a bad option.

Out of all the teams on the list Texas A&M seems to be sure money at 8.5. They should at worst finish second in the Big 12 and should be favored in every game except the Oklahoma game.

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