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TCU's Gary Patterson Is Keeping His Eye On The Longhorn Network

Add TCU to the list of schools that are wary of the Longhorn Network, and possibly one of the first things that someone from Texas A&M and TCU can agree with. Even though TCU is not part of the Big 12, Gary Patterson is going to keep an eye on what Texas is going to do with the ESPN backed channel:

"I don't know about the influence of ESPN; does ESPN push a player toward Texas?" Patterson said after he spoke to the Texas Private School Coaches Association on Friday afternoon at Country Day School.

"If it's making money, then it's making money. But if it's players, and all the rest of it..."

He didn't finish this sentence, because we're smart enough to know what "the rest of it" means. As of today, GP stands on the sidelines watching and listening to people like A&M AD Bill Byrne and so many others express concern over the Longhorns and ESPN's desire to air high school games.

TCU is making the jump to the Big East which means they will be attractive to a higher level of high school athlete then they have been while being in the WAC, C-USA and now the Mountain West. Patterson just wants a level playing field, because he feels the Longhorn network can have an effect across every college campus and not just the Big 12 or schools in Texas.

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