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$4,000 Went Missing From New Mexico Basketball Offices

New Mexico athletics seem to have a negative story every few months or so. Everyone is aware of Mike Locksley and his troubles, recently there was the removal of Deshom Marman for having his pants to low, and now there is the report that $4,000 went missing from the basketball offices back in 2010:

Vice President Paul Krebs declined to comment Tuesday on what disciplinary action was taken after the incident but said UNM doesn't have evidence to suggest an employee stole the cash from a locked filing cabinet.

This was found out during a recent audit that faults Krebs for not reporting the missing money sooner. It is not like the Lobos are rolling in cash, so why would no one report that $4,000 was missing from a locked cabinent and contact the police so that they could have been called to try to recover the money or find out who did steal the money.

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