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2011 Colorado State Recruit Kapri Bibbs Heading To Snow College

2011 Colorado State recruiting Kapri Bibbs intends to enroll this fall at Snow College instead of going to Colorado State. Bibbs did not qualify academically to attend Colorado State in the fall, so he needed to go to a junior college to improve his grades. Since Bibbs did not qualify due to a low ACT score, the NCAA requires such athletes to earn an associates degree before they can move to a FBS school. That means unless Bibbs earns his degree in one year instead of two he most likely will be a junior before he is able to play for Colorado State.

Snow College is a perennial junior college power, so he will be able to play football there for the two years. The only concern now is that Bibbs is able to be recruited again, so Colorado State fans need to hope he stays true to his commitment to be a Ram come 2013.

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