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Come Join Our Google Plus Circle

So, if you have lived under a rock like those guys in the Geico commercial then you have heard of Google+ (I guess that is the abbreviation). I have a Facebook account linked up with this site which I rarely go comment on and it is kind of an RSS feed for the site with a comment maybe once a month.

Now, I am trying something different and want to have a conversation at Google+ partly because I can actually use it at work unlike Facebook.

So, what I will do is create a circle where it is only MWC stuff put there as well as other links I post before they either go on the site or one's that I find entertaining. First off here is the link to my profile page so you can find me and here is a link to the post on Google+ for you to say yay or nay about joining the circle.

Also if you do not have Google+ since it is still an invite only program, shoot me an email at and I'll add you.

Now it is up to me to update the Google+ area for people to hang out. So come on over!