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San Diego State Jamaal Franklin Loses A Tooth On A Failed Dunk Attempt

San Diego State guard Jamall Franklin is a high flying guard who is considered the best dunker on the team. Well, his jumping ability recently cost him a tooth:

"LaBradford Franklin threw me an oop," Franklin said. "And I went to dunk it, and my tooth got caught in between the net and the rim and as I was coming down, it just came out."

Franklin said there was a lot of blood, and the reaction from fans watching the Aztecs play in SDSU's on-campus gym ranged from "grossed out" to "surprised."

"I think that's probably the highest I've ever jumped," Franklin said.

Franklin lost his front tooth, and there is visual evidence of this. At least Franklin was doing this playing basketball and not anything dangerous. He also spent four hours in the dentist to get the toot repaired.

The oddest part of this is that it is the second time in a week that Franklin made contact with his face to the rim. The prior incident had Franklin smacking his forward on the rim on a dunk attempt.

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