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Making The Rounds: Bruce Feldman Is Out Trending Harry Potter On Twitter #FreeBruce

Bruce Feldman Suspension Takes Over Twitter - SB Nation

#FreeBruce - Twitter

New Leach book lands Bruce Feldman on suspension, and ESPN in media crosshairs - Dr. Saturday

Bruce Feldman's Suspension, ESPN, And An Order For Watermelons All Around -
Bruce Feldman's suspension from ESPN has nothing to do with Craig James' godlike powers, and everything to do with giant infants in business suits.


Oh, really?

Report: Feldman suspended for role in Leach book -
Eye On College Football - Report: Feldman suspended for role in Leach book's Andy Staples cancels his Insider subscription to protest the Feldman suspension.

From all of this, ESPN has lost all journalistic respect with me and with a lot of others.

Now time for some MWC news after the jump.

Previewing the 2011 Wisconsin Badgers - Corn Nation
Even before Russell Wilson transferred to Wisconsin, the Badgers were looking fairly formidable. Now, the matchup between the Badgers and Huskers is looking epic.

Ramifications: A CSU Football Blog: PUTTING ON THE PRESSURE
Ramifications: talks about the Ram defense.

Tale of the Tape: Sizing up the pinball quarterbacks of 2011 - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog

Boise State schedule preview: The San Diego State Aztecs and one-hit tubthumping - One Bronco Nation Under God
A look at the San Diego State football team and how the Aztecs might fare in 2011

10 Year Rivals Recruiting Rankings Proves ... Irrelevence - Corn Nation
Your best source for quality Nebraska Cornhuskers news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Six Georgia players, including QB Murray, named to preseason first-team all-conference team | 

The "Week-To-Week Grind" of Major Conferences: Is It Actually A Thing? - Football Study Hall
Is the "week-to-week grind" of major conferences really an issue when it comes to mid-majors making the leap?