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Brawl at TCU Practice (video)

Edit: The video has been removed by Aundre Dean who tweeted this- "I had to take down the practice fight video due to higher authorities! That is not what TCU promotes at all I should have known better!"  Better lace up your running shoes Aundre!

Double Edit: The video has been posted to youtube.  h/t tcumaniac2010

Triple Edit: Video has been taken off of youtube by tcumaniac2010

A video of things getting a little chippy at a TCU spring practice was posted to twitter today by Junior TCU RB Aundre Dean.  In the video a TCU defender (my guess is DE Stansly Maponga) lays a cheapshot de-cleating hit on new Frog starting QB Casey Pachall, which is a big no-no on someone wearing a red jersey.  An offensive lineman (my guess is OT Jeff Olsen) lays a retaliatory blow and a skirmish ensues.  Fights like this happen all the time on a football team and are no big deal but it is somewhat troubling to see one of your defensive leaders taking potential shoulder destroying cheapshots on your new starting QB, and it is hard not to want to read something into it.  This combined with the mildy controversial pictures that leaked out of Pachall this week could signal that the transition from the Dalton era to the Pachall era might not go as smoothly as some Frog fans had hoped. 

The biggest takeaway on this subject should be that the TCU football team needs to be mindful that winning the Rose Bowl has turned a large spotlight on the program and they need to keep things that should be private off of the facebook and the twitter unless they like running stadium steps in the smoldering Texas heat, and if they do more power to 'em because it damn sure is entertaining.

A few extra thoughts after watching this video a few dozen times and analyzing it like a zapruder film:

-It was really good to see the offensive line go ballistic and stick up for Pachall.  #77 Spencer Thompson was trying to get at Maponga like an uncaged pitbull.  Gotta protect your QB and have his back at all times even if he does wear Superman underoos.

-Coach Patterson leisurely walking up to the scrum like it was such a ho-hum occurrence slayed me for some reason.  He grabbed Olsen and said something but he didn't look mad to me.

-Here is a quote from Patterson after the practice in question courtesy of the Purple Wimple:

In one practice, he knocked quarterback Casey Pachall to the turf, prompting retaliation from Jeff Olson, which in turn spawned a practice-halting brawl.  “That wasn’t a bad play, that was a knucklehead play. It was an effort play,” Patterson said.