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Charges Dropped For Lobo Safety DeShon Marman

The saggy pants incident surrounding New Mexico Lobo safety DeShon Marman has been brought to an end with the charges ultimately being dropped:

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe announced Wednesday his office had reviewed the June 15 arrest of DeShon Marman and determined criminal charges were not warranted.

District Attorney Wagstaffe seems to be the only reasonable person to see that charges were not warranted for Marman. The video of Marman on US Airways flight 488 showed Marman as cooperative and saying, "this is all unnecessary sir." 

Wagstaffe also had this to say:

"I have read all the reports and arrived at the conclusion that this case does not belong in the criminal courts. We've got enough other crimes that this does not need to take up court space,"

Correct, go after criminals that have actually harmed people.

This story in general was pretty ridiculous about the details and kicking off Marman for having sagging pants. Marman found out about the decision when he was doing spanish homework and obviously was relieved that the situation was resolved.

US Airways did release a statement about:

We, too, believe our crew and employees acted professionally in dealing with the unfortunate situation. We also appreciate Mr. Marman's statement to the press that, in hindsight, indicated he would have handled the situation differently," the airline said.

Marman is not pursuing any action against US Airways, but he said his mother is looking into filing a law suit against the airline company. 

It looks New Mexico can get a win! (kidding Lobo fans).

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