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EA Sports Releases Team Rankings For NCAA 2012

Tradition Sports Online was able to get their hands on NCAA 2012's team ratings. So, here is a chart of the Mountain West teams and how they are rated by EA.

Rank Team Rating Offense Defense Special Teams Prestige
8 Boise State A A+ B+ B 5
14 TCU A- A B+ B 5
42 Air Force B- B B- C+ 3
65 San Diego State B- B C+ B- 2
82 Wyoming C- D+ C C+ 2
87 Colorado State C+ C+ C+ C+ 2
88 UNLV D+ D+ D+ C 2
116 New Mexico D+ D+ C B 1

Not sure how the calculations work, but how is New Mexico has a team prestige of one and UNLV has a prestige of two when the Lobo rankings are better. Well, that can't bode well for the 2011 season for UNLV. 

As for the game itself the demo has been pushed back to June 28 with a release date of July 12. During the demo one can unlock pro combat uniforms and play with four teams.

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