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University Of New Mexico Regent Is Urging Lobos To Join Fight Against The BCS

A University of New Mexico regent is trying to convince the school to join Utah Attorney Mark Shurtleff with his fight against the BCS. Jack Fortner is the regent member urging the Lobos to partner with Utah's lawsuit:

"Something's clearly wrong with a system in which people conspire to keep other conferences out of this series," Fortner said, "when the end result is to cut a number of schools out of a lot of money."

Fortner also believes that the BCS is costing schools outside of BCS leagues such as new New Mexico miss out on millions of each year due to the current college football postseason:

"If we were a part of (the BCS), we'd be getting at least 3 or 4 million dollars a year more than what we'd been getting (in college football revenue), at a minimum," Fortner said.

Paul Krebs, UNM's athletic director, said he believed that figure likely would be between $2 million and $3 million. "Certainly," Krebs said, "there would be several more million dollars a year for each school in the league if we (the Mountain West) were a participating member."

The more states that get involved it will make the lawsuit bigger and give it more credit when or if it gets presented in court. Here is hoping that New Mexico is better at lawsuits then they are at winning football games under soon-to-be former current head coach Mike Locksley who has a record of 2-22.

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